Eat Clean!!! It’s easy and it pays off!!!

I first  started my “clean eating journey” in the summer of 2011.  My eating habits have changed drastically from my high school and early college days most certainly! Yet… I wake up and I learn everyday.  It’s not the easiest habit to pick up but it’s surely worth it.  Now, I’m not going to fool around and lie to you and say I eat 100% CLEAN!!! I’d give myself a good 85-90% because sometimes you just have to live.  Eventually, I might become more dedicated and just stick to it but… I don’t think I’ll ever intentionally do a 100% unless I’m training for a show.  Haven’t done one of those yet and I’m honestly not planning on doing one anytime soon.

Now that my blabbering is done! lol I get a lot of questions concerning “eating clean” What is it? How do you eat clean?  It’s actually quite simple than some people make it seem and everyone tweaks it to their desired taste.  To me, eating clean simply means eating whole and real foods that nourish the body. A further breakdown of that meaning would be trying your very best to know what you are putting into your body. Think “Garbage in Garbage out, Healthy in Healthy out” I’ll be posting pics from when I first started my fitness journey  and keep updating on the differences. That way you can see for yourself that hard work and dedication does pay off… Might not be right away but remember “Rome wasn’t built in a day”!!! 😉




5 thoughts on “Eat Clean!!! It’s easy and it pays off!!!

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