Summer Time Protein Pizza


You’ll Need:

-5 egg whites (Adjust as needed)

-Non stick frying pan (Extremmmmeeeely Important!)

-Cooking spray-I use coconut

-3 tbspn organic marinara sauce

-1 cup chopped fresh spinach

-1/4 cup shredded fat free mozzarella cheese

-salt, oregano & black pepper to taste

How To:

-mix up egg whites with a little salt and pepper (alot! you know me!)

-spray your non stick pan with cooking spray and place it on low heat

-pour in 3/4th of your egg whites into the pan and add chopped spinach, then add remaining egg whites over the spinach.

-Spoon the marinara sauce over different portions of your “pizza”, sprinkle cheese & oregano over that and pop a lid over your pan. (Since we’re not flipping or folding our egg, this helps cook the top!)

-Cook for about 10 minutes and carefully slide on your place!

-Now you have your perfect (or almost perfect), guilt free, personal pan sized pizza!



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